ICAR-CIBA inks strategic alliance for promotion of brackishwater aquaculture in the country.

10th April 2018, New Delhi

India is a major shrimp producer, shrimps are alone contributing over 60% of seafood exports of the country. India’s shrimp exports are likely to double to US$ 7 billion by 2022, driven by strong demand, high quality, improved product mix and an increase in the aquaculture area in our coastal states. The need of the hour is to prepare ourselves for it, both quality and quantity-wise. In farmed shrimp production, the feed is a major recurring cost, which often ranges from 50 to 60 % of the total cost of production and it directly determines the profitability and sustainability. Brackishwater aquaculture is one of the vibrant farming sectors, and ICAR-CIBA’s research findings have direct applications in the field.         ICAR-Central Institute Brackishwater Aquaculture, Chennai has inked a strategic partnership with the Waterbase Ltd., a pioneering aquaculture feed manufacturing company today to upscale the transfer of eco-friendly feed technologies from the “lab to the field” in a large scale where the social benefit is measurable.

ICAR-CIBA inks strategic alliance for promotion of brackishwater aquaculture in the country.   ICAR-CIBA inks strategic alliance for promotion of brackishwater aquaculture in the country.

The CIBA-WATERBASE strategic alliance will cover the technical collaboration and partnership in the development of ecofriendly shrimp feed, CIBA VanamiEcoplus, exchange of information on feed formulations involving macro and micro-nutritional parameters, feed processing, and testing of identified feed ingredients and finished feeds. CIBA will advise on the specific changes in feed ingredients, inclusion level, feed standards, additives, processing technology to achieve the desired performance. CIBA’s focused research on nutrient requirements of shrimp for more than a decade, expertise in scientific feed formulation and a database on the price and seasonality of locally available ingredients will help us develop eco-friendly, and cost-effective shrimp feeds using advanced indigenous feed processing technology. CIBA will provide its expertise in testing the quality of the finished feeds in experimental ponds of CIBA, the Waterbase farm facility and farmers’ ponds, and subsequently to the shrimp farming sector.

 Dr K. K. Vijayan, Director, CIBA and Mr Varun Thapar, Director, The Waterbase Limited signed this partnership at the Thapar house, New Delhi in the presence of Dr Pravin Puthra, ADG, ICAR, (Marine Fisheries), and Mr Ramakanth V. Akula, CEO, The Waterbase Limited.

(Source: ICAR-Central Institute Brackishwater Aquaculture, Chennai)

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