Pineapple village leaves DG ICAR impressed

Newspaper: Nagaland Post
Date: 4th February 2011

Molvom, the pineapple village of Nagaland, made a lasting impression on the Director General p-of Indian Council of Agricultural Research Dr. Ayyappan on his maiden visit to the state.

The DG also lauded the villagers for maintaining the farms as organic as possible.

Situated some few kilometers away from Jharnapani, Molvom hosted the first ever pineapple festival within the region and had a host of senior ICAR officials including the DG taking part in the festival.

Lauding the impressive pineapple farms spread across the village, the DG affirmed that the villagers should be proud of their efforts and congratulated the farmers and scientist for making it into a pineapple village.

Calling for an immediate action with regard to the requirement of a pineapple processing unit in the village, the DG urged the state government and ICAR to prepare a project proposal with 15 days and submit it to the agriculture ministry.

He also informed that the food processing sector now came under the ministry of agriculture.

Earlier during his visit to the pineapple farms, the DG remarked that the average yield per hectare per annum of fruit production in Nagaland was very close to the national average and one of the top within the NE region.

He also added praise on the varieties of pineapple produced within the state.

Delivering the welcome speech, director, ICAR Barapani, Dr. S V Ngachan informed that the ICAR took the initiative for conducting the festival for the first time within the region, although it was not the right season for pineapples.

Encouraging the farmers for planting quality pineapples, Dr. Ngachan informed the state has now equaled the area of pineapple cultivation to Assam.

While pointing out that post harvest management and transportation still remained the most challenging task for the farmers, Dr. Ngachan called for introducing a pilot project for transportation within the village.

It may be added that the state horticulture Mission Director Dr. Benjong Aier had disclosed that a survey was already in the pipeline for introducing a ropeway for transporting horti products from Molvom village till Jharnapani.

A representative of the pineapple farmers association also highlighted the marketing part as the most daunting task for them and urged the visiting team to introduce a processing unit within the village. He also informed that transportation remained the main hurdle despite the huge demand for pineapple across the states.

The other highlight of the festival included exhibition of various stalls from NGOs and ATMA. A special pineapple stall was also present which displayed varieties of food products made from the pineapple.

Data on Pineapples (Ananas comosus)
1. Total area under pineapple cultivation in state – 4830 Ha
2. Total area under pineapple cultivation at Molvom – 2.5 Ha
@Intercropping with upland paddy - 1.5 Ha
@ Intercropping with turmeric - 1 Ha
3. Gross income from fresh pineapples @ Rs.5/fruit by the end of 5th year - Rs.11, 50, 000.

Pineapple village leaves DG ICAR impressed