List of Recent Circulars

Following is the list of recent circulars with upload date, category and download link:

CircularUploaded onCategoryDownload circular
Instructions and code of conduct for the Election of Secy(SS)-CJSC Jun 15 2017 - 15:06CoordinationInstructions-and-code-of-conduct-for-the-Election-of-Secy(SS)-CJSC.pdf
Government e-Marketplace (GeM)- Reg Jun 14 2017 - 17:14Financial CircularsGovernmente-MarketplaceGeM)- Reg.pdf
BE 2017-18 for Loans and Advances reg. Jun 14 2017 - 16:39Financial CircularsBE2017-18L&AFINAL.pdf
Phishing campaign to gather user credentials & targeted attacks to compromise computers used by officials of Govt. of India Jun 13 2017 - 16:30CoordinationMX-M282N_20170613_190025.pdf
Implementation of Public Financial Management System (PFMS) in ICAR - reg Jun 9 2017 - 09:56Financial Circulars
Violations of the provisions of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 and Information Technology Act, 2000 Jun 9 2017 - 09:55Coordination
Re-constitution of  Headquarters Grievance Committee Jun 9 2017 - 09:54Coordination
Government e-Marketplace (GeM) –Reg Jun 9 2017 - 09:53Coordination
Public Procurement Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Order, 2012 regarding details of Procurement from MSEs Jun 9 2017 - 09:52Coordination
BE 2017-18 - Releases till June, 2017 Jun 9 2017 - 09:21Financial CircularsBE 2017-18 - Releases till June, 2017.xlsx
Office Memorandum Regarding - Replacing the Existing '' Tribal Sub-Plan'' as "Scheduled Tribe Component (STC) Unit" Jun 7 2017 - 12:39Work StudyMX-M282N_20170607_133626.pdf
Replacement the Existing Vigilance-II Section. Jun 6 2017 - 15:25Work StudyMX-M282N_20170606_190002.pdf
Instructions reg customization/modification in the ERP-FMS module in view of the merger of budgetary heads i.e. Plan & Non- Plan Jun 6 2017 - 15:11Financial Circulars
Name of the candidates for the election of Secy (SS), CJSC Jun 5 2017 - 16:15CoordinationNameSecy(SS)CJSC-2017.pdf
Name of the candidates for the election of Secy (SS), CJSC Jun 5 2017 - 16:15Central Joint Staff Council CircularsNameSecy(SS)CJSC-2017.pdf
परिषद के अधीनस्थ संस्थानें आदि में राजभाषा हिन्दी के प्रयोग को बढ़ावा देने के लिए “राजर्षि टंडन राजमाषा पुरस्कार योजना” के संबंध Jun 5 2017 - 14:50Official languageofficeal-05062017.pdf
Extension of the contract for providing cooking & catering services at NASC Complex New Delhi Jun 1 2017 - 16:19NASCenm12301-2017.pdf
Extension of contract for providing the Flowering Arrangement in the meeting/conferences held at NASC Complex, New delhi Jun 1 2017 - 16:17NASCenm123-2017.pdf
Extension of item rate contract for providing Cut-outs, Banners and Backdrops at NASC Complex, New Delhi-110012 Jun 1 2017 - 16:15NASCenm123-01-2017.pdf
List of CJSC Members as on 31.5.2017 Jun 1 2017 - 16:09Central Joint Staff Council CircularsListCJSCMembers31.5.2017.pdf