Success Stories

Prosperity through MAPs cultivation on degraded lands of India
Rust Proofing Wheat Production - A Mega Study Finds Novel Sources of Disease Resistance in Wheat Germ-plasm
ICAR-CMFRI develops anti-obesity medicine from seaweed
Backyard poultry enhance socio-economic status of tribal farmer
Higher Profit from Exotic Vegetables Cultivation
Transforming Livelihood of Tribal Farmers in Odisha through Integrated Water Resource Management
KVK, Kozhikode Promotes Organic Mushroom Production from Banana Residue
Aquaculture technology transforms livelihood of tribals
Effective Management of shoot gall psylla doubled the production of mango
Horticulture-based Integrated Farming System and Nursery Rising: Way of Farmers’ Prosperity and Employment for Youth in Kashmir
Integrated Farming Makes Marginal Farmer a Role Model in Kashmir Valley
Integrated Organic Farming System Improves Income and Livelihood Security in Sikkim
Innovation in Ginger Cultivation
Eco-friendly Management of Coconut Pests
Narmadanidhi, a New Improved Variety of Chicken Released for Backyard Farming
Agro-Processing Centre for Turning Farmers into Entrepreneurs
Technology Enables Farmers to Secure Livelihood in Andaman Islands
Bumper Crop of Vivek Maize Hybrid 45 in Uttarakhand
Participatory Fodder Production in Mango Orchards in Karnataka
Innovative Approach to Utilize Flood Water for Higher and Sustainable Income
Rainbow Trout culture and seed production at Arunachal Pradesh
Farm Level Adaptations for Climate Resilience Turn the Coastal Tracts Evergreen
Self Employment through Poultry Farming in Nagaland
Eco-friendly Technologies Enhanced Profits in Rice Production in Kuttanad
Blue Revolution in Tribal Area of Chandan Chouki in Uttar Pradesh
Herbaceum Cotton: An ideal option for coastal and inland saline soils of Gujarat
Post Harvest Management of Custard Apple Enhanced livelihood of Tribals in Udaipur
Lift irrigation system ensures Lac Integrated Farming System in Rainfed Area
Zero Tillage Cultivation of Rapeseed-Mustard in Rice Fallow Enhanced Income in NEH Region
Empowerment of Tribal Farmers through Vanaraja Backyard Farming in Sikkim
Heliconia flowers make coconut farming more profitable in Goa
Integrated Farming System Enhanced Livelihood of Tribal Farmers
Farmers Prosper through Maize Technology Interventions
Zero Tillage Pea Enhanced Income of Farmers in Meghalaya
Glory of Mussel Culture Stimulates Entrepreneurship in Goa
Jalkund stimulated agri-preneurship in Sikkim through winter vegetable production
Technological Interventions Ensured Tribals’ Livelihood in mango orchards
Non-surgical Embryo Transfer in Pig
Bhima Shubhra- A Ray of Hope for Vidarbha Farmers
Participatory Water Resource Development Making a Difference
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