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New Arrival Publication

S. No. Name of the Titles Price
(in Rs.)*
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1 आधुनिक मृदा संरक्षण एवं जल प्रबंधलेश्वक: डा. उमेश अवस्थी 1000.00 50
2 फसल पोषण लेखक: डा. चन्द्र प्रकाश शर्मा 500.00 50

Apiculture in India By Dr. Atur Rahman

1000.00 50

Water Harvesting and Recycling Indian Experiences
(Duluxe Edition) By Dr. V.N. Sharda, Dr. A.K. Sikka, Dr. J.S. Samra & Dr. Adul Islam

1000.00 50

Field Manual on Soil and Water Conservation Structures
By Dr. P.K. Misra, Dr. G.P. Juyul,
Dr. K.P. Tripathi, Dr. P.R. Ojasvi,
Dr S.S. Shrimali, Dr. D.R. Sena, Dr. Ambrish Kumar & Dr. S. Patra

300.00 50

Catalogue on Tools and Machinery Developed by ICAR
By Dr. K. Alagusundaram,
Dr. J.T. Sheriff, Dr. Kanchan K. Singh & Dr. G. Senthil Kumaran

100.00 50

Ethnobotany By Dr. Amritpal Singh Saroya

450.00 50

Omics Approaches Tools Unravel Microbial Systems
By Dr. D.V. Subhashini
Dr. Raghvendra Pratap Singh & Dr. Geetanjali Manchanda

1000.00 50

Introductory Microbiology By Dr. Tejpal Dhewa

750.00 50

The Cashew
Technical Editors:-Prof. P.L Saroj & Dr. K.R.M Swamy

750.00 50

Textbook on Principles of Animal Genetic and Population Genetics
By Dr. T.V. Raja, Dr. R.S. Gandhi, Dr. Rani Alex and Dr. R.R Alyethodi

1000.00 50
12 Handbook of Agriculture 1500.00 200
13 Handbook of Fisheries and Aquaculture 1500.00 200
14 Handbook of Horticulture 1500.00 200

Texbook of Drainage Engineering By Dr. Ranvir Kumar & Dr. Joginder Singh

600.00 50

Organic Manures By Dr. A.C Gaur, Dr. S. Neelakantan & Dr. K.S. Dargan

200.00 50

Text Book of Soil Science Dr. R.K Mehra

600.00 50

Drip Irrigation Dr. T.V.S. Rajpur and Neelam Patel

700.00 50

Dairy Farming Dr. Avtar Singh, Dr. B.K. Joshi,Dr. N.L. Kamboj and Dr. Shiv Prasad

500.00 50

पशुओं के रोग और रोकथाम
डा. राम स्वरूप सिंह चौहान डा. लाल कृष्ण

500.00 50

Soil and Water Conservation Research in IndiaDr. V.V. Dhruva Narayana

400.00 50
22 Handbook of Animal Husbandry 1500.00 200
23 Handbook of Agricultural Engineering 1500.00 200

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