Programmes / Projects under Animal Science Division

Programmes/Projects under Animal Science Division

All India Coordinated Research Projects (7): Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance, Foot and Mouth Disease, Cattle, Goat Improvement, Pigs, Poultry Breeding & Nutritional and Physiological Approaches for Enhancing Reproductive Performance in Cattle and Buffalo

Network Projects (6): Animal Genetic Resources, Buffalo Improvement, Sheep Improvement, Bluetongue (BT), Haemarrhagic septicaemia (HS) & Gastrointestinal Parasitism (GIP)

Outreach Programmes (4): Ethno Veterinary Medicine, Methane Emission, Zoonotic Diseases & Monitoring of Drug Residues and Environmental Pollutants

Seed Projects (3): Sheep, Pig & Poultry


Dr. Bhupendra Nath Tripathi, Deputy Director General (Animal Science)
Division of Animal Science, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi - 110 001, INDIA
Phone: 91-11-23381119, 91-11-23388991 Ext. 200 Fax: 91-11-23097001 Email: ddgas[dot]icar[at]nic[dot]in