Workshop on Mechanization of Cotton Cultivation, Harvesting and Ginning: Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward

, : ,  ICAR-Central Institute of Research on Cotton Technology, Mumbai organized a Workshop on “Mechanization of Cotton Cultivation, : , Opportunities and Way Forward” on 5th May 2017 at ICAR - CIRCOT, Mumbai. The deliberation were focussed on overcoming the faced in the mechanization process viz., developing varieties amenable for cotton harvesting, development of suitable defoliants & growth regulators, adoption of technology for cleaning of mechanically harvested cotton and acceptance in the market for mechanically harvested cotton.

Dr. K. Alagusundaram, Deputy Director General (Agricultural Engineering), in his presidential address urged the stakeholders to provide complete solution for mechanisation in cotton covering sowing, intercultural operations, harvesting, ginning and spinning along with the extension services so that farmers can adopt it. He opined that the potential technologies developed by the private sector should be tested at large scale through multi-location trials under AICRP.

Dr. P. G. Patil, Director, ICAR-CIRCOT stressed on the need for formulation of mission mode programme encompassing all stakeholders in public and private sector for successful implementation of mechanisation in cotton that will benefit the farmer by way of reducing the production cost.

On this occasion Publications of the skill development initiatives of the institute for 2017-18 were released. 

Dr. K. K. Singh, Director ICAR-CIAE, Bhopal, Shri. Chokalingam, Chairman - Cum Managing Director of Cotton Corporation of India graced the occasion.

Over 40 stakeholders representing the cotton value chain including researchers, seed companies, tractor manufacturers, ginning machinery manufactures, traders, ginners, spinners, and policy makers from public and private sectors participated in the workshop.

(Source: ICAR-Central Institute of Research on Cotton Technology, Mumbai)