Tomato has good scope for cultivation in the state owing to favourable climatic conditions, and interventions suggested are:

Adoption of hybrids (Arka Vardan, TH 01462, BSS 20, JKTH 3055, Pusa Hybrid 2) for 200-250% 

  high yield of quality fruits

Use of cultivars/hybrids (BRH 2, H 86) resistant to bacterial wilt and TyLCV

Advance nursery production technology and raised bed planting

Drip irrigation/fertigation along with mulching and stacking


The following technological interventions are suggested for enhancing the productivity of this crop:

Use of hybrids Summer King and Sychf 203 and varieties IVREC 2 and Early Synthetic

Use of boron and molybdenum for high yield of quality curd and better shelf life

Advance nursery production technology

Farm Tools and Equipment

The tools, equipment and technologies that will help in timely completion of farm operations, better placement of inputs and drudgery reduction, resulting in higher productivity in agriculture and post harvest processing in the state are: laser land leveler, rotavator, zero-till drill, happy seeder, strip till drill, vertical conveyor reaper, reaper binder, straw combine, high capacity thresher, combine, greenhouse technology, ECS, modern ginning, modern grain milling, cotton stalk particle boards, fish transport, solid-state biogas plant.

Livestock and Poultry

In the state there are 0.2 million crossbred cattle, 0.2 million non-descript cattle and 2.0 million buffaloes in milk, producing around 5.3 million tonnes of milk annually, and buffaloes are contributing the major share (4.5 million tonnes). Besides, 13.6 million poultry contributing 1.5 billion eggs per annum. The state has rich feed and fodder resources, which need to be judiciously utilized. The state could further enhance the productivity of cattle, buffalo and poultry with the following interventions:

Crystoscope assisted Artificial Insemination for improved conception rate by 20%

Complete feed block, urea treatment of poor quality fodder and bypass protein technology for 10-15%

  improvement in productivity.

Hormonal modulation of poultry in organized farms for 5% increase in egg production

Field based diagnostic kits and vaccines (FMD, HS, IBR) for production and income enhancement

Value addition and improving shelf life of milk (low cholesterol ghee, mango lassi, mozaralla cheese,

  whey-based sports beverage, kesar kulfi and flavoured milk) and poultry products (chicken chunkalona,

  chicken patties)


Haryana produces 39,000 tonnes of freshwater fish from nearly 14,000 ha ponds and