Himachal Pradesh



Root dipping in Azospirillum/Azotobacter/PSB slurry before transplanting.

Planting on raised bed and use of mulch

Garden pea

Use of varieties Arkel, Azad Pea 1, PM 2, Ageta 6, VL 8 and VRP 5

Application of FYM 5 tonnes/ha or vermicompost 3-4 tonnes/ha

Managing powdery mildew effectively


Use of hybrids Bharat, Indra, Sun 1090 and Green Gold and varieties California Wonder, Yolo

  Wonder, Chinese Giant and World Beater

Root dipping in Azospirillum/Azotobacter/PSB slurry before transplanting

Planting on raised bed and use of mulch

Farm Tools and Equipment

The tools, equipment and technologies which will help in timely completion of farm operations, better placement of inputs and drudgery reduction, resulting in higher productivity in agriculture and post harvest processing in the state are: power tiller operated rotavator, zero-till drill/seed-cum-ferti drill, power tiller operated vertical conveyor reaper, serrated sickle, 1 hp thresher, greenhouse technology, evaporatively cooled storage.

Livestock and Poultry

Himachal Pradesh has 0.25 million crossbred cattle, 0.3 million non-descript cattle and 0.33 million buffaloes in milk, producing around 0.9 million tonnes of milk annually, and cows are contributing the major share (0.5 million tonnes). Besides, 0.8 million poultry are contributing 75.3 million eggs per annum. Small ruminants comprising 0.9 million sheep and 1.1 million goats are one of the major animal husbandry occupations in the state. There is great potential to enhance productivity of goat and sheep for mutton and fine wool production with the following interventions:

Improved germplasm of fine wool sheep (Bharat Merino, Gaddi synthetic) and rabbit (German Angora)

Area specific mineral (Ca, Zn) supplementation for 10-15% improvement in productivity.

Feed and fodder conservation (hay making under polyhouse, silage) for sustaining productivity

Silvi-pasture based farming system for increasing fodder resource

Field based diagnostic kits (PPR, GI parasites) and vaccines (PPR) for enhanced production and


Value addition of wool (carpets, namadas and blankets from sheep wool and shawl, sweaters 

  from  rabbit wool)