Salient achievements -Animal Science Division of ICAR Institutes

Animal Nutrition and Physiology

Harit Dhara, product developed to reduce enteric methane emission by 18-20 %, with a B:C ration of 3:1.

Synthesis of Nano-Micro Matrices-Phytochemical conjugates: Protocol developed for synthesis Nano mineral phytochemical conjugate. Developed Nano particles were characterized for its bioactivity like antimicrobial activity, anti-inflammatory activity and anti-oxidant activity and found very effective 

Camel milk and milk products are being evaluated that promise to have nutraceutical properties against various human ailments, viz. Diabetes, Autism, Tuberculosis, Dengu etc.

Developed liquid milk formula (Memnaprash) for pre-weaning lambs / kids for improved growth rate and better survival.  

Alternatives to maize and soybean meal evaluated and their safe level of inclusion in poultry diet estimated. Technologies to reduce dietary P requirement by use of phytase and vitamin D3 developed.  A Feed additive, OxyCure, developed to alleviate heat stress in poultry. Humane method of moulting the egg laying chickens developed. DprEubioticA-an alternative to antibiotic growth promoter developed. Method for biosynthesis of different nano minerals using plant extract optimized

Developed semi-intensive model for profitable yak rearing and to alleviate the hardship associated with traditional transhumant yak farming

ICAR- National Meat Research Institute, Hyderabad has established NABL accredited laboratories as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for Meat Species identification, Food Microbiology and Meat Nutrients and Residues Analysis. Genomic and proteomic based meat species and sex identification technologies developed at the Institute have been successfully used and commercialized and services provided to the regulatory and private agencies.  The institute has been recognized as National Referral Laboratory for meat and meat products by FSSAI though Gazette Notification. Developed tests for meat speciation (pork and chicken) and pathogen detection (Bacillus, Listeria and Coxiella)

ICAR- National Meat Research Institute, Hyderabad has developed technologies for hygienic processing of meat and meat products. Established state-of-art meat processing, poultry processing, rendering and pet food processing units for utilization of animal byproducts, environmental protection and enhance income in meat value chain. Designed and fabricated portable hygienic meat production and retailing units. 

Animal Science  Animal Science  Animal Science

              Feeding of baffaloes                 NIANP Harith dhara                  NIANP Sheep goat mineal mixture

Animal Science  Animal Science  Sel1

        Portable Hygienic Meat          Technology developed                     Rendering cum pet food          
        Processing facility Unit            by ICAR-CIRG                                plant at ICAR-NMRI, Hyderabad

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Animal Health 

A memorial to commemorate global eradication of Rinderpest (28-06-2011) at IVRI, Mukteswar

ICAR-IVRI developed many veterinary vaccines and biological products to control and eradicate animal diseases from the country.

Development of five diagnostic kits for avian influenza and one diagnostic kit for detection of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus antibodies and transfer of indirect ELISA kit for detection of avian influenza virus antibodies to private industry for commercial production. 

Design, development and implementation of disease forecasting and forewarning model named as National Animal Disease Referral Expert System (NADRES)

Establishment of National Animal Disease Epidemiology Network (Formerly All India Coordinated Research Project on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance)

Development of ‘Inactivated low pathogenic avian influenza (H9N2) vaccine for chickens’ and transfer of the technology to 4 licensees at a license fee of Rs. 1.31 crores through M/s. Agrinnovate India Ltd., New Delhi.

NIVEDI  Lumpy-Provac released by Hon’ble Cabinet Minister, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying Government of India, New Delhi  Vet Vaccines for animal health-IVRI

     AICRP-ADMAS Center    Lumpy-Provac released by Hon’ble        Vet Vaccines for animal health-IVRI
     located across india        Cabinet Minister, Fisheries,
                                               Animal Husbandry and Dairying

Vet Vaccines for animal health-IVRI  Vet Vaccines for animal health-IVRI  Sel1

               Nucleofast Viral DNA isolation        Rinderpest eradication
               kit deveolped by ICAR-NRC               memorial at
               on Pig                                                   Mukteswar-IVRI

Animal Production & Breeding 

NDRI pioneered in cloning of dairy animals – such as Ganga

Vrindavani cattle: A crossbred strain developed at ICAR-IVRI by crossing Indigenous cattle (Hariana) with exotic breeds (Brown Swiss, Jersey and Holstein). 

Developed Preg D pregnancy diagnosis kits for Cow and Buffalo.

Developed handmade Cloning Protocol for buffaloes by CIRB Hisar 

Evolved new sheep strains for higher prolificacy (Avishaan) and fine woo production (Bharat Merino).

Developed progesterone impregnated intravaginal sponges (Avikesil-S) for estrus induction and synchronization in sheep.

Dairy potential of four indigenous dromedary camel breeds have been evaluated (Kachcchi > Mewari > Jaisalmeri > Bikaneri), and an average lactation yield of 1600-2000 L was recorded (lactation length 420 days).

Developed a highly productive goat rearing model through genetic improvement, in-situ conservation of 16+2 breeds (under AICRP), establishing multiplier goat flocks, developing region specific, medicinal and low-methane producing feed, diagnostics and vaccine, innovative reproduction technologies including cryopreservation of semen, artificial insemination, and marketing strategies. 

Developed numerous field oriented goat-centric technologies, including an annual goat health/ breeding/ reproduction calendar, low-cost balanced feed formulation, and value-added goat milk and meat products. 

Improved rural chicken varieties like Vanaraja, Gramapriya, Srinidhi, Krishibro, Swetasri, Krishilayer, Vanashree, Janapriya, and Aslibro were developed by ICAR-DPR and spread throughout the country. Different centres of AICRP on Poultry Breeding developed six location-specific chicken varieties (Pratapdhan, Kamrupa, Narmadanidhi, Jharsim, Himsamridhi, and Tokbari). About 38-40 lakhs of commercial germplasm are being supplied every year across the country through institute, AICRP centres and government agencies having parent germplasm of ICAR-DPR.

Developed transgenic chicken as bioreactor for producing human interferon alpha 2b in eggs. Genome-edited and knock-down chickens were produced to enhance growth and egg production and to produce low-cholesterol chickens. 

Native chicken-specific medium-density 74K SNP chip, ‘INDICHICK’ chicken SNP, a product developed for GWAS/Genomic Selection.

Propagation of Japanese Quails as alternative to Indian Wild Quails and Conventional Chicken

Development of CARI Poultry Semen Diluent

CARINIRBHEEK – the Improved Native Chicken Cross

NBAGR has registered 219 indigenous animal breeds, including 53 for cattle, 20 for buffalo, 39 for goat, 45 for sheep, 8 for horses & ponies, 9 for camel, 14 for pig, 3 for donkey, 3 for dog, 1 for yak, 20 for chicken, 3 for duck, 1for geese in the country. The breeds are also being Gazette notified by the Govt. of India. Further, the Bureau has also registered 1 synthetic cattle breed and 2 chicken lines. The registration of indigenous breeds has enabled the recognition of about 50 percent of native livestock of the country as descript. Further, with a target towards zero non-descript Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR) in the country, the bureau has also initiated country-wide documentation of AnGR and identifying and registering indigenous breeds in collaboration with State AHDs, SAUs, SVUs etc. in mission mode.

For Medium & Long-term conservation of AnGR under (SDG) Indicator 2.5.1, the bureau has cryopreserved the germplasm - Semen of 63 indigenous breeds/populations, and Somatic cell of 57 breeds/populations have been cryopreserved at National Gene Bank of the Bureau. Bureau has now cryopreserved the germplasm of over 50 percent of threatened indigenous breeds in the country. 

Completed whole-genome sequencing of Mithun to understand the genetic architecture. Furthermore, developed an array of technologies for promoting scientific Mithun production, which includes area-specific mineral mixtures, mineral dispensers, ectoparasitic expellers with drug applicators, modified travises, urine-based pregnancy diagnosis kit, a blockchain-based platform for traceability and online trading, and value addition to meat and milk.

Mithun has been recognized as a food animal. To promote the Mithun production in NER states, established 50 semi-intensive Mithun rearing units under TSP and two conservation units in Khonoma and Thovopisumi in Nagaland state.

The ICAR-NRC on Mithun has been granted five patents, three design registrations and two copyrights. Four technology transfer agreements have been signed by the Institute for entrepreneurship development.

Whole genome sequencing of two indigenous breeds of pigs (Ghungroo, INDIA_PIG_2100_GHOONGROO_0900,  Mali , INDIA_PIG_1900_MALI_09009) and  two exotic breeds of pigs (Hampshire and Large White Yorkshire) was completed.

Development of nine crossbred pig varieties

Landlly pig: A crossbred strain developed at ICAR-IVRI by crossing indigenous pig with exotic Landrace breed.

Cryo-preservation of yak semen and its utilization for genetic improvement of Yak using Timed Artificial Insemination

CRYODIL: An egg yolk-free, ready to use semen extender for buffaloes, developed by ICAR NIANP Bangalore. 

Animal Science  Animal Science  Animal Science

                  Animal Genetic                  Camel with Raika                    Avishaan ewe with twins
                  Resources of India

Animal Science  Animal Science  Animal Science

              Gazette notification for          Whole pig genome            Pratapdhan birds developed
              newly registered breed            sequencing                        by ICAR DPR

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                                  Yak Grazing In Hill                                        Vrindavani cattle-IVRI