6th International Conference on ‘Plant, Pathogens and People’

23rd February 2016, New Delhi

Padma Bhushan Dr. Prof V.L. Chopra, former Member of Planning Commission and Secretary, DARE & DG, ICAR inaugurated the 6th International Conference on “Plant, Pathogens and People” with the theme “Challenges in Plant Pathology to benefit Humankind”. In his inaugural address, he stressed upon 3Ps (Plant, Pathogens, People) which are interdependent and create a complex situation. All the 3Ps have right to survive and the people should not eliminate the pathogens but allow them co-survive together. Further, he emphasized that the plant pathology is a very important stream in agriculture which can protect the food produced by our farmers on limited available resources.

6th International Conference on ‘Plant, Pathogens and People’6th International Conference on ‘Plant, Pathogens and People’6th International Conference on ‘Plant, Pathogens and People’

Dr. T. Mohapatra, Secretary (DARE) and DG (ICAR), pointed out that the pathogens are standing between the plants and the people. However, the latter want to manage the co-evolved creatures for their benefits. He urged the scientists to have the knowledge about all the available strains of pathogens which are not yet known, so that they can be managed wisely.

Dr. N.K. Krishna Kumar, Deputy Director General (Horticultural Science), in his address, emphasized the concept of resistance management in plant pathogens against pesticides. He also suggested strengthening of the host plant resistant strategies to manage the pests and diseases on crops by giving more importance on sustainability.

Dr. C.D. Mayee, Former Chairman, ASRB, exhorted the scientists to give more emphasis on the pulses and oilseed research. The diseases like bacterial blight and fungal wilt of pomegranate, cotton leaf curl, coconut wilt etc. are to be given more importance regarding management strategies at the earliest.

Noted plant pathologists were felicitated on the occasion and dignitaries released publications of India Phytopathological Society.

About 700 delegates from 36 countries are participating in the five-day conference (23-27 February, 2016).

Event is jointly organized by ICAR and India Phytopathological Society.

(Source: ICAR-Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi)