‘Hyderabad Haleem’ gets Geographical Indication certification

NRC on meat facilitated the effort

Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

  Dr. N. Kondaiah, Director, National Research Centre on Meat speaking in the Geographical Indication Certificate presentation ceremony on 04th September 2010 in Hyderabad (Sitting from the left Mr. Subhodh, IP Consultant, Andhra Pradesh Technology Development & Promotion Centre, Mr. Majeed, President, Hyderabad Haleem Makers’ Association; Dr. N. Kondaiah, Director, National Research Centre on Meat; Mr. Ravi. IP Consultant) Hyderabad Haleem is a unique meat product prepared and relished in Hyderabad region since centuries during Ramzan period. Due to its unique taste and variety it is gaining acceptability in different states of India and also in different countries especially in Islamic gulf countries.  Owing to its uniqueness and geographical specificity Hyderabad Haleem Makers Association applied for Geographical Indication certification which is a form of Intellectual property. Geographical Indication is given to a product which is unique and is prepared in specific region. Typically, such a name conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness which is essentially attributable to the fact of its origin in that defined geographical locality, region or country.

National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad being a premier centre in meat science research was approached by Hyderabad Haleem Makers’ Association and IP consultants to test and provide the details of its composition and nutritive value. A publication of the Centre on quality and storage stability of the Haleem also assisted in getting the GI status. Hyderabad Haleem becomes the first meat product of India to get the GI certification. Mr. P. H. Kurian, Controller General of Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Registrar of Geographical Indications presented the GI certificate to Mr. Majeed, President, Hyderabad Haleem Makers’ Association on 4th August 2010. On the occasion, Mr. Kurien said Geographical indication status is given to a product, which has uniqueness and is prepared in one region of the country. However, it is not a patent which is given to inventions. ‘Haleem' makers claimed that the scrumptious food is prepared through special process in the State capital since decades. Dr. N. Kondaiah, Director, NRCM briefed the media persons on importance of GI and its significance in enhancing marketing opportunities for Haleem. Mr. Majeed hoped that new certification would bring more fame to ‘Hyderabad Haleem' and increase in the sales world over. The certificate would also act as a perfect marketing tool to further popularize the delicacy. National Research Centre on Meat will be the inspection body to check the quality of the registered Haleem producers in the region.

(Source: NAIP Sub-Project Mass Media Mobilization, DIPA with inputs from NRC on Meat, Hyderabad)