First Test Tube Yak Calf Born at NRC on Yak

15th July 2013, Dirang

Calf with foster motherThe world’s first test tube yak calf has been born at Nyukmadung farm of National Research Centre on Yak (NRC on Yak), ICAR, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh on 15th July, 2013.  The male yak calf, weighing 19 Kg, has been named in local language, “NORGAYAL” , meaning “Ratnaraj”. Calf is the result of transfer of cryopreserved yak embryo produced through in vitro fertilization of oocytes retrieved through ultrasound guided ovum pick up (OPU) technique from donoryak. The recipient yak performed normal parturition at Nyukmadung farm. The achievement is a breakthrough towards conservation and multiplication of elite yaks in the Country.

The calf , “NORGAYALLt. General (Retd.) Nirbhay Sharma, Honourable Governor, Arunachal Pradesh conveyed congratulations to the entire team of scientists, doctors, and officials for the achievement towards conservation and multiplication of Yaks in the country.

The collaborative work was conducted with the support from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology under the principal invetigatorship of Dr. P. Chakravarty, Principal Scientist, NRC on Yak and Dr. M. S. Chauhan, Principal Scientist, NDRI, Karnal. A dedicated team of scientists worked for more than four years to achieve the success. Help and support from former Directors of NRC on Yak, Dr. M. Bhattacharya and Dr. K. K. Baruah, and the present Director, Dr. S. M. Deb have not only made the consistent efforts of the research workers successful, but also encouraged the team to continue work on such advanced reproductive biotechnologies towards in situ and ex situ conservation of yaks, the most precious animal of highlanders.
(Source: NRC on Yak, Dirang)