AICRPs, AINPs and CRPs - Agricultural Engineering


  • AICRP on Farm Implements & Machine, CIAE, Bhopal
  • AICRP on Ergonomics and Safety in Agriculture, CIAE, Bhopal
  • AICRP on Energy for Agriculture and Agro-based industries, CIAE, Bhopal
  • AICRP on Increased Utilization of Animal Energy with enhanced system efficiency, CIAE, Bhopal
  • AICRP on Post-Harvest Engineering & Technology, CIPHET, Ludhiana
  • AICRP on Plasticulture Engineering & Technology, CIPHET, Ludhiana


  • AINP on harvesting, processing and value addition of NRGs, IINRG, Ranchi
  • AINP on Conservation of Lac Insect Genetic Resources, IINRG, Ranchi
  • AINP for Agricultural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, IASRI, New Delhi


  • CRP on Farm Mechanization and Precision Farming, CIAE, Bhopal
  • CRP on Energy in Agriculture CIAE, Bhopal
  • CRP on Health Foods, CIPHET, Ludhiana
  • CRP on Secondary Agriculture CIPHET, Ludhiana
  •  CRP on Natural Fibres, CIRCOT, Mumbai


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