Launch of “4G NANO” Based Nutritional Agri In-Puts

10thAugust 2014, Hyderabad

Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR along with Dr. William Dar, Director General, ICRISAT launched Prathista and Indian Council of Agricultural Research nano nutrients based 4G agri in-puts here today.

Prathista Industries Ltd has entered into a licensing agreement with Indian Council of Agriculture Research for commercialization of nano nutrients for crops which are developed  under NAIP program.

Scientists have developed nano nutrients technology through biological process after extensive research both in lab and fields, involving consortium of ICAR institutions and Agricultural Universities. Prathista is the first company to commercialize the ICAR nano nutrients innovative technology.

The research data reveals that, the nano nutrients doses are just in ppm level to meet nutrient requirement for crops, against to 150 to 200 kgs traditional fertilizer dose per acre. In order to have acceptance of ICAR innovation, Prathista incorporated the nano nutrients technology with their present 3G lacto-gluconates technology. The cost of these nutrient fertilizers is at par with subsidised fertilizers and computable to use with all traditional fertilizers. The scalability of technology is commercially and economically feasible and nano nutrients are 100% safe to human / livestock and 100% eco-friendly.

Scientists and senior officials from ICAR, Government of India, Agricultural Universities; Distributors and Corporate marketing companies were also present during the launch program organized by Prathista Industries Limited.

(Source: NAIP)