KVK, Karda (Washim) to Implement Novel Pilot Project on Technology Transfer, Credit Counseling and Market Advocacy

Washim (Maharashtra), 27 April, 2011

NABARD has sanctioned a pilot project for technology transfer, credit counseling and Market Advocacy through Farmers Clubs in Washim District.. In this programme initially 20 Master farmers will be trained and 20 will be trained in next phase. The master farmers are expected to train other farmers in the village on all aspects in which they were trained. The master farmer will be developed as one stop knowledge centre for the village with the confidence and ability to guide and counsel the others in the village.

The farmers will be selected by NABARD and KVK from amongst the Farmers clubs in Washim District. The KVK will provide the list of selected 20 farmers including
names of the farmers club, club ID given by NABARD, Mobile numbers and postal addresses, Name of the promoting agency, Bank Branch with which club has saving account and Account Number. KVK will prepare the comprehensive activity chart and action plan indicating the specific dates for each training and submit a copy of the same at least 15 days in advance to NABARD, Pune. NABARD will adhere to the activity chart for the entire range of activities

The KVK shall be responsible for overall implementation of activities envisaged. The project will be implemented till December 2012 covering two crop seasons. It will also ensure hand holding services to the master farmers throughout the project period spread over two cropping seasons. Under this programme KVK will ensure availability of qualified resource persons who will impart training to the master farmers.

(Source: NAIP Sub-Project on Mass Media Mobilization, DKMA with inputs from KVK, Karda)