Annual Zonal Meeting of NICRA-TDC at ICAR-ATARI Jodhpur

5th July 2017, Jodhpur

Annual Zonal Meeting of NICRA-TDC at ICAR-ATARI JodhpurOne-day Zonal Meeting of National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture (Technology Demonstration Component) of ICAR- Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute,  Jodhpur was held at ICAR-ATARI, Jodhpur today.

Dr SK Singh, Director,ICAR-ATARI Jodhpur in his inaugural address, said that interventions under NICRA should be aligned with existing cropping practices of the region based on vulnerability. Deploying proven resilient practices for various production systems in the village by identifying the constraints for achieving resilience and by facilitating adoption of suitable technologies based on resource endowments. In addition, the scientific approaches for ensuring the resilience would be driven through capacity building and awareness in a participatory manner.

Dr J V N S Prasad, Coordinator-NICRA TDC, ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad advised participants to up-scale the most successful and scalable technologies in nearby villages. He further emphasized to take up new interventions model which have direct bearing with the climate changes. He also stressed upon for improving the soil organic carbon status and efficient recycling of biomass and efficient use of the soil health cards.

Earlier, Dr PP Rohilla NICRA Nodal Officer presented the highlights of the salient achievements carried out by the NICRA- KVKs under ICAR-ATARI, Jodhpur.

In the technical sessions all the Sr Scientists & Heads/ PIs of the NICRA-KVKs of Rajasthan and Haryana presented the salient achievements of out scaled technologies during the last six years and action plan for 2017-2020.

The workshop was attended by Officials from ATARI Jodhpur, Sr Scientists & Heads/ PIs of the NICRA-KVKs and other technical staff. Dr Rajiv Kale, Scientist (Ag. Extn.) proposed vote of thanks to the Chief Guest and all the participants. 

 [Source: ICAR-ATARI Jodhpur]